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A Bird of a different feather!


Yep, that’s me!

130307_012830 (1)

A different feather

A bird of a different feather, Just never seem to fit in anywhere! Except, on the farm, or in the woods, or pondering stuff on the porch, or kayaking, or x-country skiing…

I always saw life as an adventure, so I happily ventured, like the bumble bee, I bumbled forth, oh my!

Funny thing about bumble bees, for all their bumbling, they sure manage to gather what they need. Industrious little creatures, so busy gathering pollen and nectar, from the clover, by my pond. They never seem to be bothered by anyone, nor do they go out of their way to sting anyone.

I always wondered what bumblebees’  honey would taste like? I’ve seen them lumbering about, their legs, weighed down with pollen, from the field, climbing over the sunflowers sipping nectar!

I’m always sad at the end of summer, when my pond is filled with bumblebees, dragonflies, and butterflies. All spring and summer they entertained me. But the birds pick up their feathered skirts, and go wading in the pond, after bugs, frogs and tadpoles!

They are funny to watch, the bolder birds will wade right up to their chest, the turkeys with their longer legs will go even deeper! I never knew that they would do that. But they sure do hunt the pond. The frogs are pretty quick, but, the turkeys do a pretty good imitation of a crane, they stalk, slowly, and dart their heads out and come up with a prize! At which time, keeping it is a whole nother matter!

All heck breaks loose, as the three other turkeys give awkward chase! Then, the chickens join in, and the turkey with the prize, hastily tries to gulp the frog, which is frantically trying to escape! It gets away, and then everything is hopping around after it! The frog makes a mighty leap into the pond, dives to the bottom, where it stays, hidden! The disapointed turkey goes back to imitating a crane…


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