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Seasons, thoughts, and Life on Little Feather Farm

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Greening Up!

Spring has come to Little Feather Farm!  All the snow has melted off, and the Violets and  Strawberries are blooming profusely! Glacier Lillys,  Arrowleaf Balsamroot, and  Arnica are blooming too, grasses are growing and the bushes are leafing out.  The earthy smell, of growth, rain, and last years decomposing vegetation, sweeten the air.

New beargrass grows from last years clumps, while wild onion shyly grows beside it, it’s cluster of fragrant flowers, poking up through the coarse grasslike leaves. Nearby, beneath the low Spruce branches, Oregon grape is greening, preparing its new flowers to open and scent the air with its heady fragrance.

As the breeze plays with the windchimes, the spanish moss, hanging in  dark feathery streamers from the branches of newly needled Larch, flutter gracefully. Hummingbirds go zooming by, searching for sweet nectar, chasing tiny insects through the pines, sounding like the old Volkswagon beetle! High in the pines, the chickadee claims his territory, cheeeeseburger, cheeeseburger, he loudly declares, and hidden in the Ponderosa, trills a thrush, threee beers, threee beers!

 The sun plays peek a boo with the clouds, dappling the ground in mosaic shadows of green and gold. Warming days and nights, unpredictable weather, moody cloudy days, thunderstorms charging the air with sweet rain, inviting deep breaths of moist, tasty, clean air,

Spring has arrived!


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