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The Turkey Coop.

phot1 013 (1)

The leaning house of turkey!

Or  why I should not build anything!

I”m the first to admit I’m not  a professional builder! But, since, I am in this on my own, when something needs doing, its all up to me, or it won’t get done.

I have two huge slash piles, left over from when the property was logged off, in ’04. There is alot of good lumber in them, so I’ve been recycling the wood for various projects and fire wood, rather than put  it all up in smoke!

securedownload-9 (1) (1)

It isn’t perfect, but it works!

So, I drew up plans, on a paper bag, paced off the area and the poles, and started cutting. Nope, didn’t use a tape measure once, just a 2 x4, notched for refernce. Slowly, with lots of bad words, a couple  of collapses , I succeeded in getting the frame up! Then came the roof. with the tractor holding it in place, I got the poles in place, and then the plywood.

Wow, I actually did it, yay!

I no more than finished putting the wire up, than the turkeys,who had been supervising the whole process, marched over, argued with the tractor,  for a few minutes, walked around the coop, pecked at a few spots,  commented on my lack of building skills, and moved right in! The finished coop, is 16 x 8.5, with an additional 12 x 16  covered (tarp) run. 

I have a new idea for a turkey coop, A frame….


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