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Little Feathers’ Freinds

securedownload-9 (2)

Jackie Rabbit, and My Aussie, Piper

securedownload-2 (6)

Fbert Bird and Frost!

Freinds are family one finds along the way, they know all about you and still like you”!

I read that somewhere, thought it fit here, my freinds, (human), scratch their heads,” Birds”, poultry” any money in that?”  “Yah,” I say, “and right now it all comes out of my pocket”!  

Who knows, maybe it will pay, but, for now, all I care about is being able to keep on track, building, increasing my flocks, and enjoying my birds!

I have some very dear freinds, feathered, four legged, and human! 

The feathered friends don’t care what I look like, just as long as I cuddle them, and bring treats!

securedownload-21 (2)

Fbert Bird and Willow, a face only a featherhead could love!


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