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Where it All Began!

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Piper, babysitting the chicks!

Every adventure has its beginning! Mine started 4 years ago, with the purchase of ten acres, and the decision to raise heritage poultry, to have a hatchery, and produce the best free-range eggs!

I had raised poultry before, but this time would be different! I had always been so busy raising my son and working, that I had little time to spare getting close to my birds. Feed them, make sure they were ok, collect eggs, butcher, was about all the time I had!

I began with Americauna chicks, cute, little fuzzy faced, balls of fluff, bouncing with personality, in a clear plastic tub. More tubs, more chicks! I called them my test flocks. Americauna, Buff Orpington, Barred Rocks, Cuckoo Marrans, Sicilian Buttercups, Lakenvelders, Golden Campines, and Red Caps, were my first birds.

My ten acres was raw ground, nothing but a well, and a nice mix of trees and open ground. The first building, was a 12 x 40 shell, laughingly called the cabin, the next building was the chicken coop, run, and pen.

I started them at my old log cabin, a hundred miles from the property, in the kitchen. Soon the kitchen was crowded with tubs, full of peeping, active chicks, growing fast, and out growing the tubs! So I got some children’s playpens. More room for the chicks, less room for me! But I didn’t care, I was totally enthralled with them. I spent all my free time with them. They grew so fast, soon, they were outside, in the chicken wire run I made for them.

Three years ago, when I moved onto the property, I lived in a fifth wheel trailer, while I worked on the cabin. There was even less room in the trailer, than the cabin, but once I had the coop, run, and pen, built, I moved them outside. Soon, I had young birds running every where. They hung out by the trailer, just waiting for treats. They followed  me everywhere, and when I went to town, they stayed in the coop pen. They quickly learned that they could fly out of the pen, much to my sorrow!

For a while every thing was great, I added geese and ducks to my flocks, but decided to put them in the freezer, I didn’t care for the breeds I had, and decided to try them again, at another time.

Last year, I got four turkey poults, Bronze. They were the sweetest birds, they grew quickly. At first, I thought I had all toms, much to my surprise, I ended up with, a tom, and three hens! I had planned on  raising turkeys, as well as chickens, ornamental pheasants, peafowl, ducks and geese.

So this spring, I ordered 20 more turkey poults; Royal Palms, Narragansett, Sweetgrass, and Pencilled Palms, and chicks; Blue Laced Red Wyandottes,  and Silver Laced Wyandottes, plus Silver Seabright and Mille Fluer bantys.

The flocks are expanding!


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