Little Feather Farm At Farwood Haven!

Winter at Little Feather Farm

Winter at Little Feather Farm


Little Feather

This is the continuing adventures of Willow Farwood, (Little Feather), while building Little Feather Farm! The trials, tribulations, successes, failures, people, animals, predators, situations, solutions, and learning process involved, with building a poultry business!

I’m no expert, I do, however have some education, a great deal of family history, accumulated information, and practical hands on experience. As with any learning process, there are gaps, and with research, helpful shared knowledge, and practical application, these gaps are closed!

I hope you enjoy sharing my adventures as much as I have, living them!

Willow Farwood

Bless the Beasts, all creatures great and small…

All writings, artwork and photos are made by Willow Farwood™,, and the property of Laughing Bear Studio, ™© and Running Heart Photography™ ©, and are copyright of owner, and Little Feather Farm, LLC,™©, please ccontact for permission to copy, thank-you, Willow

Any advice, comments, opinions, or recipies, are meant as guidelines only, not to replace qualified medical professional veterenarians or medical proffessional doctors. Always consult your doctor, nutritionist, or vet in any situation, requiring medical assistance…Willow


2 thoughts on “Little Feather Farm At Farwood Haven!

  1. Hello Little Feather,
    Viewed your post to the HolisticBird forum today and wanted to inform you that I was impressed with your website and what you do at your place! I wish you continued success with your poultry and all other animals at Little Feather Farm At Farwood Haven.
    If there’s any way I can help, please do not hesitate to ask.
    All the best to you and yours,
    Don Perez

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